4th Annual Indie Book Fest Author Spotlight: M. M. Rodeheaver

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1 min readSep 8, 2021


Award-winning author M. M. Rodeheaver (aka Margaret) writes short fiction and novels including four books for middle grade readers and three for adults. Her poetry has appeared in Cricket Magazine. She lives near Macon, Georgia where she hangs out with various writers’ groups and drinks coffee, often at the same time. She enjoys reading, music, and travel, and is a pretty good whistler. Find Margaret online at www.MargaretRodeheaver.com, and follow her on Twitter @MMRodeheaver.

Book Blurb

Porkington Hamm

Life is hard enough for piglet-turned-human Porkington Hamm. Now someone wants to change him back.

It’s not easy when you look one way on the outside and feel another way on the inside. But that’s life for Porkington Hamm after getting a dose of Doctor Morty’s experimental stem cell serum.

Thinking, feeling, and (mostly) looking human, Porkington makes friends, develops his culinary talents, and explores the city. But someone mysterious is stalking him, and when his friend Tom leaves town she makes her move. Is it the same person who caused trouble for Doctor Morty at the university? Will her therapy turn Porkington back into an ordinary pig?



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